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What Is CRAFTAH?? you ask...

That's a fair question, since most anyone who knows about us probably saw the name and web address on the Craftah Van, the Baron PT Cruiser or has seen Dale around at craft fairs talking up the CRAFTAH Arts & Crafts Directory. If you have visited local Maine Craft Fairs, you've probably seen Dale around talking to Artists, Crafters and Promoters, all in an effort to make the way arts & crafts are displayed and sold better for all.

Word is starting to spread through the crafting community though too.  So you may have also heard about from other crafters or artisans who have been talking up this little start-up venture.  The Craftah Concept is a bit of a sidestep on current Internet Commerce.  How do you combine the High Tech World of the Internet with the down home feel of being a Craftah...  We hope to show Crafters how it can be done profitably for their ventures!!


<<<<< CHECK OUT THE CRAFTAH CRAFTERS TO THE LEFT HERE!! aims to be an Ongoing Virtual Event for Crafters and Artisans of Maine, and eventually all of New England, and maybe in time, World Wide.

It's A Sort Of Craft Fair That Never Ends...

Crafters can choose from many options on how to display their creations, to either sell their goods from their online table or create a smaller presence on the World Wide Web.  A presence on the Web can be just a name, address and some info on what potential craft buyers can expect to see or buy at craft events that can be attended in the real world.

Like most new Craft Fairs, we're still working out the details and getting everything into a regular format to be able to serve Artists & Crafters and Art/Craft Buyers on a consistent, high level of quality.

If you've got any questions or comments, ideas or suggestions, etc., please don't hesitate to contact Dale.

Craftah  Ink.  Booth  Awarded  BEST  OF  SHOW

69th Annual Eastern Maine Sportsman's Show
March 16, 17, 18, 2007
UMO Fieldhouse, Orono, Maine

Special Thanks To Craftah Crafters:
Casual Elegants - Anita Flood
Deb's Kitchen - Deb Grant
Goodwin's Country Crafts - Donald & Dale Goodwin
Patrea's Crafts - Patti & John Thibodeau